And now.. for something completely different!

So if you follow my instagram... @janinekowalphoto

you'll notice that I don't post many pictures of food. Or any. I barely photograph it because I eat it so fast! And that's the way i feel it should be most of the time. But these spices, and this food - deserved to be captured!

I introduce you to (if you haven't already seen it in stores) 

Seasoned Gourmand Foods!

I loved working with this brand- it's local, and the spices are all non GMO, gluten free, preservative free, dairy free, soy free, MSG free, dye free...


Check out their website - www.seasonedgourmandfoods.com to find out where to purchase their awesome variety of spices. The website also has some great recipes to show you what you can do with them!


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